Exceptional Acts in Exceptional Circumstances

Every year the Police Public Bravery Awards recognise extraordinary acts performed by seemingly ordinary people who have selflessly come to the aid of those in danger or intervened to foil criminals.

This prestigious annual event has grown steadily since it began in the mid-Sixties.

Now this year, with all eight Scottish forces on board for the first time, it can truly claim to be a national celebration of courage.

Nominations are currently being sought from police forces across the UK that would like acts of bravery to be formally recognised. These should come from the police officers who dealt with the incident or investigated the crime in which the member of public intervened.

Medal winners – selected by a panel of experts - and a chosen guest will then be invited to a gala evening at a top hotel next summer to receive their well-deserved award.

Said Honorary Secretary of the Police Public Bravery Awards, South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes: “This event is not about encouraging have-a-go heroes.

“Thankfully it’s still the case that, most of the time, we live in largely peaceful communities. Most of us will not become victims of crime, or even witness a crime happening.

“Sometimes though, criminals act. Violence springs seemingly from nowhere, out of context with our everyday lives. When these exceptional circumstances arise many of us will look on in horror, stupefied, willing it not to happen, hoping for someone to intervene.

“The people we celebrate stepped up to the mark and became that someone. They acted, in many cases spontaneously, to challenge that criminal, that act of violence, or even to save a life.

“The awards are the Police Service’s chance to salute what they did.”

                                    Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes